By: George Hunt


There is spring within me

Even though you see me as Winter.


You’ve not known me through my Autumn years

You’ve not known me ever.


I’m here in your care because of maybe money

But certainly because of circumstances.


Where do think I’ve been?

You don’t care


I am just a face

I am just a lifeless winter to you…


But inside, I am Spring.


I lost the Spring in my step moons ago

And it was then I gained the Spring in my heart.


Later, in my Autumn, when the Spring of my soul was taken,

The Spring in my eyes turned to the tiny blessings of my life.


But you don’t care about the things I’ve done

Or what I’ve owned

Or how I’ve lived

Or the people I’ve known

Or who I am

Or what the mere mention of my name means to most.


I am just a lifeless, Winter-face to you.

With eyes that peer and stare

And words that strike.


But the spring in my eyes and heart are alive and well.


Please treat me with the dignity and respect I deserve

As I try to keep hold of my spring.

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