THE CONNECTED HOME FOR THE 50+ – perfect housing for Gen X and Baby Boomers

THE CONNECTED HOME FOR THE 50+ – perfect housing for Gen X and Baby Boomers

What does the connected home for the 50 plus, 60 and over 65 mean in the new world of empty-nesting boomers and top of the height generation X…

multi_housing for gen x and baby boomers

It means convenience of modern living with minimal physical output for lifestyle convenience.  That means the connected home for the 50+, perfect for Gen X and Baby Boomers.

In addition to storage space for all that they have acquired, large rooms for their things to be on display, it also means high speed and USB ports with every outlet.

The baby boomers, as a couple, want luxury, space and especially a guest room.

Gen X is looking for ease of technology and space to place their minimalism lifestyle, but with all the tech and modern bells and whistles.

The need for eco-friendliness in design and function is foremost. Boomers, and they at the top of Gen X, want connectivity with the ability for a modern lifestyle like, to chat and see family and friends, see who’s outside, keyless entries, robots for cleaning  and personal aide, appliances that you can see into without opening the door, app driven, and multi-family living with very private living spaces.

They want VOIP driven robots available in every room to activate and aide the new techie who expects easy living.

The refrigerators that are app ready for automatic shopping lists, the coffee maker plug activator, the auto-entry lights, will all be as common as a doorbell.

The convenience of a heated driveway or pathway, to the dwelling, eliminates shoveling and dangers of slip and falls, energy efficient windows, humid-driven watering mechanisms and sustainability.

The new housing need for no more than a single step anywhere in the dwelling is required for these aging bodies, and builders are listening and accepting the new buyers physical challenges and catering to their needs.  Ease of use, less physical exertion, floor ports for cleaning robots, space for wheels, canes and hoverboards.

The Millennials may be a larger demographic than the baby boomers, or the over-fifty crowd, but they do not have the buying power that the older generation has; therefore they are living in the lower socio-economic-standards  apartments along with the single empty-nesters.  It’s a matter of affordability.

The new multi-family dwellings will be a precursor to the next ageing phase of the generation.  While multi-family dwellings and the need to have a connected home grow, soon the dwellers will be off to  retirement-style living, then a convalescent home.  These new, updated, upgraded living spaces, must be financially affordable and sustainable by the baby boomer generation, and then affordable to the Millennials, as Gen X will probably not have the opportunity to live in these dwellings in the numbers the boomers will be.

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