Sunday, October 25, 2020

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By: Kendal Monroe


The amazing benefits of rosemary far surpass our modern chemical drugs. Rosemary, an aromatic, ancient herb that desperately needs medicinal resurrecting, is being touted this month.  An herb so beneficial, you may want to grow it indoors and outdoors, depending on your “zone”.

the amazing benefits of rosemary

Our goal is to be as natural as possible; meaning no DDT.  You’ve heard the facts about people being sprayed and the effects, imagine the non-natural ingredients in that which you ingest, digest and rub all over your hair and body.

Rosemary is an herb which can be cooked, rubbed or inhaled.

As a medicinal daily herb, it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant; beneficial for blood pressure, heart health, digestive aide, memory, Alzheimer’s, boosts immunity, and increases circulation.

Potassium, calcium, magnesium are wonderfully present, along with carotenoids, vitamin A, and folate so you know it is healthful for optimum organ functions.

This herb is also said to help fight fatigue and depression and muscle aches.

You cannot possibly go wrong with adding it to any and each dish, vegetable, meat, fish or eggs.  Cooked or fresh, its flavor will not to be forgotten and knowing that it is so healthful, makes the seeming decadent aromatic pine-esque herb more necessary to one’s daily intake.

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance…” Hamlet. They knew even then the benefits…

With an herb so beneficial for organs, blood and brain stimulation, one can’t deny the amazing benefits of rosemary.

So cook with your rosemary like a spice or steep like a tea, each makes for a great modern, ancient healing remedy.the amazing benefits of rosemary

As a tea, have a couple of cups a day and double that if you have a cold! It’s great for your immune system

The amazing benefits of rosemary include pulverizing and rubbing them onto your skin; rubbing onto your head to increase and stimulate hair follicles, right, like baldness and thinning; and pulverizing them with other ingredients as facial wash.  Also, steep like a tea and use the cold tea as an antiseptic!

As an aromatheraputic fragrance, it’s pine-esque stimulating fragrance is stimulating and transporting.

You may be able to eat a dandelion stem to stern, but rosemary can be eaten, steeped or soaked in!  There is no denying the amazing benefits of rosemary.

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