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Ribs, Baby, Ribs!  Delish and easy on the B-B-Q!

By:  The Senior Citizens Magazine.com Kitchen

As usual, our kitchen has out done themselves by finding the world’s best “western” bbq’d rib recipe.  ‘Cause, let’s face it y’all, there’d be no summer if it twernt for b-b-q’d ribs!

And we’ve done it the easy way, the delicious way, the it’s my way, this way, or no way at all, way.  And here’s how it’s done.

You’ll need:

Ribs – minimum 3 per person! And when you buy those rib-o-licious beef wonders be sure to wash them.

Tin Foil



BBQ Sauce Almost any over-the-counter sauce will do, the commissary’s favorite is Hunts Brand, Hickory and Brown Sugar.


BBQ Grill/Stove top Grill

Water Spray Bottle for Grill in case of fire



Clean Platter for Cooked Ribs

Cooking Methods


If you use briquettes instead of a gas burner and the grill is small, I recommend that you first cook the ribs prepared in an aluminum, tray, covered and in the oven; after `1 hour remove the ribs to cool, when ready sear the ribs for an additional 15-20 minutes on your grill. This way you don’t have to stoke the fire, briquettes burn well, but for short periods.


Smoking chips, soak for at least thirty minutes.  It’s a great way to add your favorite smokey flavor, and they’re available almost everywhere.  For a briquette fire, soaked wood chips can be added right on top of the briquettes to add that great smokehouse flavor. Gas grills have a little cast iron smoker box that works great for smoking those delicious rib. You still need to soak the chips for both grills, the soaking makes the chips burn slowly instead of catching on fire. Also, only use wood chips that a dried. Never use fresh cut wood or unknown or possibly poisonous woods.  Fruit and nut woods smoke sweeter than other woods.


Wash and dry the meat before preparing and follow all meat handling instructions from your meat provider or market. The label is generally applied to the package, (have photo).

Pre-cooking the ribs softens the meat and removes the excess fat that would normally burn on the bbq, where the ribs were applied raw to the grill.

Now, onions and lemons and a dollop of sauce are the secrets to this recipe.

For bbq cooking at a constant temperature, take your ribs, two to three at a time, and place in pre-prepared foil squares.  On top of the ribs, place the onions, then squeeze the lemon and even the rind, and then dribble the sauce over the ribs.  Close the packet and seal.  Place on bbq and close the lid.

Keep that spray bottle handy for flare-ups.

For oven cooking, prior to searing on a bbq, place the ribs, onions, lemon, sauce as above, on a cooking tray or pan and cover and cook at 375 for 45 – 1 hour.  Then remove and place on bbq and grill.

After cooking, just before removing the ribs from the bbq grill, slather with remaining sauce. Appling the sauce at the end adds that extra flavor and the sauce doesn’t burn.

Heat a little sauce for service at the table.  Serve.

And there you have it, delicious, perfect, and easy bbq’d summertime ribs!

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