Monday, September 28, 2020

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MOVEMENT IS LIFE – AND LIFE IS MOVEMENT. Awareness is the Key – the key to creating your health

“Movement is Life – and Life is Movement” – Meir Schneider

By: Lora Byxbe, Eugene, Oregon

MOVEMENT IS LIFE – AND LIFE IS MOVEMENT. Awareness is the Key – the key to creating your health

My friend Deb helped her 97 year old mother to move again – to live her life again.

Mother’s backpain had gotten worse every year – none of the doctor prescribed medications helped her and the last 2 years she just stayed in bed and suffered.

A year ago the doctor told Deb to say good bye, mother is ready for hospice.

OH NO! said Deb – mother, you and I will start getting busy, busy getting better, together – and she proceeded with the first step: trashing all of the 28 different kinds of pills.

After a week without the medication mother’s mind cleared up and she started to participate in the adventure. A therapist helped her to get up and walk again. They started exercising in a chair and advanced to walking. It was a long process, but now, a year later, she is back doing what she always liked: visiting with friends, eating healthy foods, playing cards and Bingo and walking daily, sometimes with her walker to make herself feel more secure.

Last week Deb took her to the doctor who had not seen her for well over a year. He could not believe how well she was and said that he saw no reason why she could not live to be a hundred or more. Her blood pressure was normal, her heart rate was good, she checked out good with all her vitals.

It made them both very happy.

Lora Byxbe is a retired therapist of the Meir Schneider Movement Thereapy Her message to the world is: IT IS NOT THE NUMBER OF YEARS YOU LIVE THAT BRINGS ON ACHES AND PAIN LATER IN LIFE, IT IS HOW YOU MOVE IN THOSE YEARS.

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