Saturday, October 16, 2021

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foster care or adotion


The empty nest.  Adoption or foster care or holding onto that empty nest. For some, it is a great idea, the privacy, the silence the self-only commitment.  For others, and for the very same reasons and more, such as the love, giving of oneself, caring, nurturing of another, the empty nest, can be far too empty.

When the children leave home, the dynamics change.  The sounds change, the rooms change, there are no pitter-patter of little feet, no loud music, no cursing during on-line games.  Relationships change also.  When children are in the house, everyone is, hopefully taken into consideration, and when they leave there is often just one or two about whom to worry and consider.

Yet, when no one is any longer within the house, and the change is not embraced, one must know, there are options.

Two such options are foster care and adoption.

For the nurturers, though, foster care and adoption are incredible ways of filling the afore-mentioned voids.

The children available for such care are all available all over the world, and within your own state.  Each state has a foster care and adoption.  There are stipends available for healthy children and more funds available for medically needy children.  Health insurance and often college funding is also provided.

As an empty nest foster care giver, one might consider fostering an older child.

Although the children are all from some type of abused home-life, it doesn’t mean they are unlovable or demonic; it simply means they need patience and extra love in order to combat and offset their insecurities and their unfortunate history.

The agencies want a loving home, a person or couple who really want to love and care for a child, rather than a person or couple who is trying to earn a living by doing foster care or adoption; so one will need to have sufficient income, without the monthly stipend, to prove that the task of care is not being done for the funds.

In order to find children in your area, simply contact your state Department of Children Services.  Of course, you may always go to your favorite search engine, and type in “foster care” and then your state’s name.  Your state’s agency will appear along with other foster and adoption agencies.

Nurturing does not have to end, and that empty nest feeling does not have to engulf you, there are solutions besides the “stitch and bitch”, the sewing club, and the “lift and gripe”, the gym.

Loving a child, and having them love you back, is a priceless gift for you both.

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