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Welcome My Dear Reader,

Just a note to express my extreme gratitude for enjoying and reading our magazine.

We work hard because of you, for you and with you. I just wanted each and every one of you to know that we appreciate you, one by one, visit by visit, page by page.

The gift you give us is your readership. The gift we give you, is our talent and priceless time. Together, our gifts are warmly received. Thank you for that.

This Holiday and Christmastime, our minds are not only on Christmas and the presents, but also on family; the most important part of Christmas and the Holidays.

It’s the family that makes the joy and the cheer. It’s the family that helps us through thick and thin. It’s the family on which we all, deep inside count. It’s the family we know, no matter what actually happens in our lives, will be with us, good or bad.

Our families are here to love, help, and appreciate. It’s our families who first teach us about life and the joy of the Holidays. It’s our families who comfort us. It’s our families who help us know that we are connected to more than just the workaday world.

It’s our families that let us know we are loved everyday, even without words.

So, to my immediate family, to my magazine family and all of my considerate writers, whom I definitely consider to be a part of my family because without you my days would be extra rotten; I wish each and every one of you a very special and very warm Christmastime wish, “be healthy, be happy and stay in love.”

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! And if you celebrate something else, Happy That Day Too!!

May the spirit of the Holidays overflow from your heart and soul! Now, read on!

My Best To All Of You,

Norman Goodman


Enjoy the read.