Friday, September 30, 2022

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killing fleas softly with lemon spray


By:  Kendall Monroe


Yes, killing fleas with lemon is a real thing! Now, that it is that time of year again, that summertime, flea-time.  Humidity, nature’s flea-drug of choice.  Fleas don’t like the humidity under 50%, nor do they like lemons!  So killing fleas with lemon is a perfect means to rid one’s house of those nasty pests and to protect your indoor living space.

As a tribute to lemons this month, we are including a clean, natural lemon spray to rid your house and animals of fleas.  The concoction is simple, natural and safe. Not only does it help with the flea problem (and let’s face it, the only thing that genuinely works against all fleas is Sorresto flea collars.), but this natural solution cleans your counters to a beautiful, streak-free clean, and it’s all natural!

You will need 2 lemons.  You may also include rosemary, lemon balm, pine needles and lavender. Feel free to add about 12 drops of Peppermint food grade oil essential.  Also add oranges and tangerines that may be on their last leg; this will give them new purpose in your house.

The base for killing fleas with lemon is the oil from the rind, therefore, a good boil and steeping is in order.



Boil the two, and then let steep overnight.  Feel free to add more lemon juice!  The citrus is a natural product and won’t hurt a thing, including you, your animals, babies or elders, or even your favorite furniture pieces and rugs!

Enhance the potency power with rosemary, lemon balm, lavender sprigs and pine needles.  Let all of the ingredients boil and steep overnight.

Place the mixture in a spray bottle.

Hold your animal lovingly to get them comfortable, then, hopefully with the help of another, one sprays and rubs the mixture like a shampoo whilst the other holds the animal, tightly and securely for love and comfort and to be certain the animal doesn’t escape!

The mixture has been known to work best after a good shampooing of the mixture with an extra ¼ cup of pure lemon juice per 2 cups of mixture.

Spray the animal daily for a few days.  You will see the little buggers falling on your lap when you pet them, so on day 2 after the shampooing, brush and spray and work in the lemon base again, in a massage-style fashion.

Your floors are also going to need to be sprayed, whether carpet or hardwood; corners and furniture and everywhere in your rooms.  This spray is so fragrant and natural, you may find yourself not minding the extra effort of killing fleas with lemon.

The spray will NOT kill them on contact.  It will however kill them within a very short amount of time and it kills the larvae and pupae.

After you spray your floors and carpet wait until the next day and then vacuum.

Your best bets are washing your pets, isolating your pets, vacuuming, spraying, washing pillows and linens, more pet spraying and more floor and furniture spraying, and keeping the humidity below 50%. (And the best bet ever is putting the Sorresto collars on!)

Spraying every few days will keep the pests away and keep your house smelling fresh.

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