Monday, October 26, 2020

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Dear Readers,

As we prepare for winter… .. the earth grows quiet, making its bed for nature, white and silent, we begin our hibernation.  Planets shift, the energy if different, calmer. A few retrogrades remain, though, after December 6, 2018, the frequency will shift into a more positive stance. ~Janet

 The Sun will remain in Scorpio until Nov 22 – As the Sun continues to transit the sign of Scorpio conjunct transiting Saturn, you may feel a bit more restricted as you scurry to keep yourself together and in sync. As it moves into the more independent, fun- Jupiter ruled-sign of Sagittarius there is a sense of ease that occurs. Those born under Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will feel this influence. Although where ever Venus is taking place in your birth chart will be of influence as well.
~ NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – – Breaking down Barriers – Sometimes things become clearer as well as intense under the illumination of the New Moon – emotions open up, we are deeply energized when dealing with ourselves as well as others. New Moon in Scorpio brings with it the energies of full commitment coming from the heart, and their exact opposite: breaking up and breaking hearts. This New Moon supports dedication and commitment to whatever you would like. These energies support what you really want, and not what you tell yourself that you want.

~ FULL MOON –  Gemini November 23 – Creates an intense vortex of mental “emotion” as you seek to bend and stretch your intelligence so as to hold two (or more) approaches to the issue you confront.

Are you experiencing breakthroughs in perception that at times are unnerving and other times inspiring? This is a Mercurial Full Moon once again inviting mental flexibility — the psychic space to change your mind. This particular Full Moon can be flexible providing you with that extra emotional and mental edge.
~ Mercury retrograde November 17 to December 6 in Sagittarius –  Communication can be difficult because Sagittarius is the visionary sign of the zodiac and when in retrograde it goes against our grain.  Small things during this time can be blown out of proportion, tales may become larger than life.  Mercury is concerned with getting down to the basics, while  Sagittarius likes looking at life through a wider lens. Because Sagittarius aims its arrow to the cosmos,  Mercury’s presence in this sign supports visions of tomorrow. The trick is to use meticulous Mercury’s knack for filling in all the details so the picture you’re selling is the one that actually develops. Those born under Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces are mainly affected, though where it falls into your charts is determined by your time of birth.
~ Venus retrograde from October to November 16 in Scorpio –  As Venus the planet of love transits in the intense sign of Scorpio, relationships may be passionate, the expression of love somewhat intense, maybe more mystical. Lots of kissing, but not enough telling. The need for higher expectations from our partners plays itself out as the retrograde may intensify the fire within us all. Higher expectations perhaps? We continue to seek deeper into our own needs at this same time. As it moves backwards into the partnership sign of Libra, clear agreements need to be made. This is a time that we strive to create more of a balance and the scales are tipped just a bit during the retrograde. Secrets are revealed, money matters can be unpredictable.  During this Venus retrograde as we dig deep inside our gut, as feelings become so transparent, that watery, Scorpion influence bares all. Trying to find the words, gathering our thoughts to match what we feel inside. Not an easy task but very necessary. More so as it taps into our instincts about love, and bringing forth a need to question ourselves, our motives as well as the other person, or people involved. This transit, I believe, though not always easy, is very cathartic.. in the end it is all about healing, as well as emotional resolve…each and every one of you deal with these issues differently. Though our end results may be similar..

~ Uranus Moves back into Aries – As it moves back into the Mars-ruled sign of Aries – those born under the signs of Aries,  Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, and Aquarius may feel the jolt. Also where ever it falls into your birth chart, based on time of birth will determine its effect. Uranus, is the planet of unpredictability, its retrograde back into the sign of Aries may create an intense vortex of energy.


ARIES – ( March 20- April 19)- The Ram – Symbol Fire – As with most Aries, you may find yourself having a preoccupation with finances this month. Your sense of security may feel a bit out of sorts, however much can be said about the desire for clarity.  Clearly, with Venus now in retrograde transiting the financial sector of your chart, it’s important to be aware. However, make sure you know what you are doing when you are signing on the dotted line. Also, with Mercury moving in to retrograde this month, you may begin to question yourself, viewing life from a different angle. Better to process than act out without thinking..
TAURUS – ( April 21-0 May 21) – The Bull – Earth Symbol – As with most Taurus’s, you are very much a creature of habit. Your greatest fear is to lose what you have, as personal possession’s, friendships and partnerships are your lifelines.  And the last year or so as Jupiter opposed your Sun, it has been hectic, to say the least.  So now as Venus is retrograding your area of partners, your concern may revolve around your personal alliances as well work connections. Better to step lightly than to take a giant leap where others are concerned.  Not the best time to create mixed signals, as Mercury in retrograde may be causing you to question your judgment.
GEMINI  ( May 21- June 20)-  The Twins – Symbol Air – Chatting and humor are your mantras, yet during this retrograde, you may see yourself a bit more intense than usual. Your seriousness is played off through work and responsibilities through self-discovery.  Also, your communication with partners becomes questionable as Mercury, your ruler moves into retrograde this month. Though never at a loss for words, you may feel scattered, with a lot of intensity building up. Better to step back then to jump into uncharted waters.
CANCER -( June 21 – July 20)- The Crab – Symbol Water – Clearly as with most Cancer’s it’s always about home and family. However, at this time you may find yourself becoming more involved with speculation, or some sort of chance-taking.. Totally out of your realm. Getting more creative, taking more stock in recreation, travel, writing or seeking out new ways to help yourself grow and stay motivated. In addition, your intuition is off the charts as your instincts are really kicking in during these retrogrades.
venice, st mark's square, clockLEO -( July 22 – Aug 22)- The Lion – Symbol Fire – A retrograde Venus and Jupiter at odds with your Sun sign, finds you caught between a rock and a hard place. Changes through work and home may cause you to feel as though you are in a tailspin.  On one hand, you’re in a great position as the influence of the planets in Scorpio may force you to finally set some limits. As indicated this relates to personal as well as career aspects. It’s all up to you to how you handle the energies at hand. As with anything else, more is always good, but sometimes you need to settle for less.
VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22) The Virgin – Symbol Earth – Sweet, sensitive, giving, analytical Virgo. This may be your lucky month to get most of what you need and want. Though your ruler moving retrograde on the 17th until the first week of December, this may cause a bit of overthinking on your part. However a good period for planning, then executing mid-December into 2019.  In addition, Venus in retrograde until November 16, in your area of chat may trigger compulsion, which is totally out of your character. Think then speak should be your motto for the next few weeks.
LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22)-  The Scales – Symbol Air – As Venus retrograde travels through the financial sector of your chart, money matters seem to be on top of your list. However your concern is based on your need to protect what is yours, as well as a desire to always keep yourself in balance, so this particular aspect can be unpredictable though it can bring to light a sense of security. In addition, Mercury turning retrograde in Sagittarius aspect your area of chat may cause words to flow freely. So settle in before making assumptions.
SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21) The Scorpio – Symbol Water – Now that Venus is in retrograde in your own Sun sign, this may force you to make some decisions regarding yourself as well as partners.  Without realizing you may find yourself trying to create and keep a balance.. Your desire to maintain what you are comfortable with is at odds with the desire for much-needed changes.  Also significant period for an opportunity for you to secure yourself financially as Mercury retrogrades your money house. Do some careful planning then implement after the first of the year.
SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- DEC 20) The Archer – I Symbol – Fire – As friendly Jupiter, your ruler balances your own sign, you may find yourself coming out of a deep sleep as your luck begins to change. This can and will be an opportune period for you, as not only will money matters shift for the better, but your relationship aspects will suddenly begin to follow in sync. A great cycle for creating and manifesting! In addition, Venus in retrograde traveling through the more private sector of your chart may bring relationships in from the past, or allow for much-needed resolution. Things begin to percolate.  On the flip side, with Mercury moving in to retrograde in your own sign, you need to be aware of choices you make as you may be prone to impulsive behavior.
CAPRICORN  -( DEC 21- Jan 19) The Goat – Symbol  – Earth-  With Venus retrograde in your area of groups, you may find yourself being subject to clearing out your dance card. Specifically, time in which to clear out relationships that no longer serve your higher good. Also, Mercury in retrograde may drudge up the past. A good time for healing through meditation, or allowing spirit energy to lead you into a more conducive light. Work matters feel promising, though pace yourself before making changes.

AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)- Water Bearer – Symbol – Air – Anticipation is the key as a retrograde Venus and Sun, hovering over the career sector of your chart may cause you to rethink old work patterns, as well as reestablishing new guidelines. Or perhaps reexamine your personal goals? It’s all about you and what you have to offer. Also with Mercury approaching retrograde in your area of relationships, your words may be sharper then you think. So think before you speak. A good time to just pull back and wait until after December 6 to air your grievances.

PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 ) Fish traveling in Opposite directions – Symbol – Water –  Your instincts are at their peak this month with transiting Venus retrograde in your area of higher aspirations may bring you to a higher place of awareness.  This may be your month to try your hand at writing or do some unexpected traveling, or merely get yourself inspired. Also, a few health cautions as you focus on health for the next few weeks or so. Pay attention.
Astrological Tips: Great month for entertaining. Also, a good cycle for creating closure with those need it most. Money can be prosperous is handled well.

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