caregiving assisted living or at home care

By: Robert Rosenbaum

The long and the short of it, is that a family member needs care. But what type of care; assisted living or at home care.

One of the obvious thoughts in deciding is that your parent or loved one in an assisted living facility will not have the one-on-one time with a caregiver.  Most facilities have one caregiver per every 10 of so patients; whereas, at home the one-one one interaction is far more desirable.

Personal morale seems to be higher when the elder stays at home, within their familiar surroundings and memories.   Many in assisted living facilities feel as if they have been abandoned by their children and that they are aged and useless and sent-off to die.  That’s not to say that the facilities don’t have their time and place, because they do.  There comes a time when even they who reside at home with 2 caregivers must go to a facility, but prolonging that moment seems to be available if you have the space and willingness.

There are a couple of main variables that play into decisions; availability of space in your home and the financial considerations of the assisted living facility.

If you have space in your home, it may well be the best solution. Your parent or loved one will be emotionally healthier in their own, familiar environment.  Many elders do not like the social aspect of the assisted living facilities and are far more relaxed in their home, or your home with a caregiver.

Caregivers, if needed  can be hired in two shifts, and will, like all live-ins require 2 days off.  Caregivers will do the shopping, pay bills, make meals, do laundry and some will do advanced personal care.  You hire them and issue 1099’s.  With enough space in your home or in your parent’s home, room and board and pay can be negotiated; others who go-back-to-their-home would be on salary type basis.

Many babyboomers have a difficult decision to make, assisted living or at home care takes patients, space and the right mix of personality.  Yet with at home care, the child of the elder has piece of mind of how their parent or loved one is being cared for.

Assisted Living Facilities have their place and their time for the right person, hopefully you know your parent or loved one and have discussed these options before taking on the weighted decision of any type of caregiving.


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