Sunday, September 26, 2021

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cannabis as medicine

Simplifying The Medical Cannabis Journey

The Changing Perception of Medical Cannabis

While the topic of cannabis as medicine might intimidate or scare off potential patients, the truth is that today stigma attached to cannabis is fading, and now cannabis is viewed as a medicine that offers a long range of therapeutic applications. Clinically validated to address conditions like chronic pain, seizures attributed to epilepsy, and even mood disorders like anxiety and depression, the perception of cannabis as a drug is fading, and is now being embraced as a medicine across North America.

Preconceived notions surrounding cannabis have changed since the days of “reefer madness,” and what was known as a controversial plant tied to a “stoner culture” is now a legitimate form of treatment that can even reduce the number of medications a patient is using.

The Issue With Medical Cannabis Frameworks

Despite sweeping medical cannabis legalization across many states in the U.S., legal frameworks place doctors at the center of the medical cannabis conversation, making them the gatekeepers of the medicine. The problem remains that despite health professionals being the best person to recommend cannabis to patients, they are hesitant to give patients access due to stigma, or a lack of education on the topic from their medical school curriculum.

Some patients who request cannabis from their family doctors might experience an awkward conversation while being refused the medicine. The truth is that in the scope of modern healthcare, medical cannabis is difficult to dose, and isn’t a traditional medicine in the sense that it can be consumed for a specific amount of time, like a painkiller or opiate. Despite opiates having the ability to address chronic pain, it comes with a price, as these drugs have a potential for addiction and overdose. Cannabis, however, can address pain, without the possibility of addiction or overdose.

Discovering Wellness With Medical Cannabis

Cannabis as a medicine requires an element of trial and error, as what might work for one patient, won’t work for all. Cannabis consumed as an edible food product produces different therapeutic values as compared to smoking or vaporizing the dried herb. Patients are likely to experience a “cannabis journey,” medicating with different products to find the right fit for their condition and trying many products before determining what works best for them.

There comes a need for resources and tools for both patients and doctors to navigate this cannabis journey. But as patients need further education on cannabis, doctors too need guidance on the dosing of this medicine. Software tools like Sail offer education for both patients and doctors alike. Sail helps doctors dose cannabis to their patients, while educating these cannabis patients on the best consumption methods, connecting them with experienced patients and answering frequently asked questions.

Bridging The Cannabis Knowledge Gap For Patients and Doctors

Sail stands in a unique place to address the needs of both doctors and patients. For those new to medical cannabis, patients might be overwhelmed by the wide array of information that is anything but simple to navigate. By offering easy to understand clinical resources, patients can find simplicity on the complicated topic of medical cannabis. For patients that are completely new to cannabis, they can even connect with a prescribing physician and begin their cannabis journey.

For doctors that need guidance on the topic of medical cannabis, they can begin to dose cannabis with confidence and bring their patients extended wellness with medical cannabis.

Sail offers guidance along the cannabis journey, at all levels of the conversation.

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