Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Cutting the Cord


Cutting the Cord is the new term for going, “IPTV”.  When you cut the cord you are ridding yourself of high cable tv choice fees, and bundling services.  You are no longer watching programming set up for you, decided by a programmer.  By cutting the cord, you are required to take an active role in your media viewing. You have channel choices and program and episode choices. You have the ability to watch anything, anytime, anywhere.  Your media is anything you want, you are the audience, and you are in charge.  Each icon for each television channel is still the same, familiar icon, so each is easy to define, find and access as you always have.

Another benefit, besides being in charge of your own programming, is the monthly savings.

“…and saving money.  Then you can apply that savings to a $750.00 – $1,000.00 per year longterm portfolio investment.”

Depending upon your cable or satellite package bundle, by becoming a cord cutter, you open yourself up to other possibilities with your money; saving, investing, spending, necessities, future interests, etc. Letting go of something that has been a staple of your family history and your living room and your program connectivity may seem strange, but only until you experience it and realize that you have been clicking on icons for a few years now, may make for an easier transition. It only seems uncomfortable because you are not familiar with it. Technology is that way. The remote. The computer. The smartphone. Each device does exactly what its predecessor did, only simplified and for a greater beneficial use. IPTV, cord cutting is the same.

For example, with the Amazon FireStick you have access to 2000 channels, and only pay for your internet connection and a one time buy for the FireStick;  with the RoKu box you have the same channels via your internet connection only through a one time purchased set top box, rather than a stick in your HDMI port, and with every set top box and entertainment box, such as the PS, X-Box, and Wii, you have traditional broadcast, independent channels and sports channels, each accessed through the associated icon.

When you cut the cord, you are receiving  almost all of the same programs traditional broadcast stations, access to ALL available seasons, and saving money; then you may apply that savings to a $750.00 – $1,000.00 per year long-term portfolio investment.   You have nothing to lose and all to gain, in personal viewing and capital.

Cut the cord, it will save you money and personalize your viewing experience.

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