business and the babyboomer living our metamodern economy!


By: Ex-Officio Economic Development Chairman

How does one make money in our relatively new metacapital economic era?  That is the question we would like to understand.  How to gain or regain an income in business  in our modern times becomes a very relevant question.

If a person is basically a luddite, the suggestion is to find a more service oriented form of business; such as, a coffee bar, teahouse, small café, nail salon, carpentry, etc., type of work becomes the most relevant means of income.  A job or business whereby one utilizes one’s hands and enters and bricks and mortar industry would be the focus of one’s concentrated efforts.

If a person is more digitally oriented, then the new world opens doors only limited by one’s imagination.  The digitally oriented mind has the ability to innovate, create and produce and expend knowledge in a globally beneficial way.  This new type of digital capital oriented business creates the new economy in which we are now living.  Our current economy is now being driven by social knowledge and free information specifically benefitting the end-user, who is an individual.  When one thinks of our current digital economy, the entrepreneur must focus on the needs and the balances of the end-user, who is an individual.  It is in the concept of the individual and their values as to which digital businesses will gain the most wealth.

In a capitalist society, goods are at the forefront. In our digital economy, information and knowledge are at our forefront.  No longer are ship vessels necessary for transporting, our new vessels are our digital connections.

No longer is the machine and the manufacturing of the machine our greatest asset; it is now the information provided through the machine, and they who provide the content.

When one now thinks of business and how to make money, concentrate on either a service or digital capital.


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