We often wonder what we can do to bring community and business together to help the suffering.bring community and business together baby boomer

Well, Texas has the right idea when locally renown chef, Lou Lambert decided to host his 5th annual Beefsteak dinner!  The proceeds will benefit the North Central  Texas Chapter to help to raise funds for the care and support for Alzheimer’s.

Hats off to Chef Lou Lambert for his willingness to participate and give-back to his community. Not only will great food abound, but his participation shows the community that they can help, in any way they are able.

Does your town or city have a great chef or restaurant who would like to participate with the community in a meaningful way? You will find many businesses who would like to help, but simply do not know how to help.

Chef Lou Lambert knew how to giveback in the best way he was able.

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Your local businesses don’t necessarily have to be driven by the Alzheimer’s cause, there are plenty of causes in your area; from school playgrounds to retirement communities to hospitals. There are always ideas to help causes and to enrich others’ lives. You simply need to have a belief in helping and then find the local business who best suits that group.

The business who is willing to help is actually performing  PR . Public relations is just that, “public” “relations”. The business benefits by helping the cause within their community and therefore becoming a philanthropic local business. Towns and cities are more likely to participate and frequent the businesses who have “given-back”.

So, it’s a win-win for cause and company!

Hats off to Chef Lou Lambert!

And by the way, in case you are in the Fort Worth area, stop by on October 19 at Chef lambert’s private residence for a taste of his delicious delights  featuring Lambert’s famous grilled meats, side dishes and dessert. Dinner will be paired with wine from Foxen Winery.

and to help raise funds for the support and care Alzheimer’s patients.

Funding will help support the Association’s mission. The Association is dedicated to the elimination of the disease through research and to provide and enhance care and support for all affected in our community.

Live entertainment for the event includes the TCU Strings, the Robert Kraft Trio. Headlining the event is Peter More.

Have something like this in your community, and really benefit the community whilst your business gains a bit of reputation with some marvelous public relations.


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