Monday, September 28, 2020

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By: Janet Amid

SEPTEMBER 2017 – America is stronger than ever and can withstand any type of leadership. it stands alone as the best country ever.

~We will forever remember those we lost on September 11, 2001. In honoring their memory, we will remain true to our commitment to freedom and democracy.

Dear Readers,
As we approach the Fall Season we are reminder again, that change is forever constant. Just as nature sheds its older roots, so do we as humans.
Mercury Retrograde occurs three to four times per year, when the planet Mercury, the planet of chat slows down, and appears to stop and move backward (retrograde).

Presently, Mercury the planet of communication is in retrograde,moving direct Sept 5, 2017.


Also, Venus, the planet of love now in Leo accentuates relationships, both work and personal. A good time to settle in with a new or existing partner, or do something fun, creative and totally romantic.. A strong, positive aspect for luck through speculation, or through investments. However wait until after Mercury has moved direct September 5. Those born under Leo can feel this affect. Those born under Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius are also affected. With other, your time of birth will determine its importance as to how it falls into your zodiac chart.

In a Full Moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky from our vantage point, requiring us to bring into balance the polarity of two opposing astrological signs. Here we have the Sun, which just moved into Virgo from Leo, and the Moon which has just moved into sensitive Pisces. There is a solar shift of energy from the Sun in Leo – bright and sunny with an accent on self-expression – into Virgo, bringing our attention to the mundane details of life and the need to create order. The lunar shift moves from Aquarius – innovative, but also rational and scientific – to the dreamy flow of the inner world that Pisces brings us.

Pisces, as Virgo’s opposite, lives in the realm of Spirit and ideals rather than the mundane. Where Virgo is concerned with matters of the body, Pisces opens the door to the worlds that lie within the soul and psyche. Where Virgo is practical and teaches us to create order, Pisces longs to transcend everyday reality and ascend into more soulful experiences. Neither is better than the other – with the opposition we must learn to create balance and integration. As work from the inside in dealing with these two polarities, it could create a tug-pull affect. It’s all about keeping still with our emotions, nostalgia and working from the inside out. For those born under Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo, you are most affected. However where it transits in your zodiac chart will be determined by your time of birth.

On this New Moon it would be a good time to focus on anything that is self healing. so perhaps work on balance between work, play and life. Maybe focus on your mind/body connection and anything that help in creating a balance. Looking at your habits, building better ones works well with this New Moon influence. Whether those habit involve health eating, excercise, getting rid of habits that no longer serve you or learning to play.

Now is a good time to focus on self-improvement. now is the time to refill the coffer with play and Now is the time to bring your dreams into reality through practical action. It is time to study and learn any new things that will help you in healing and in your own compassion for yourself. It is time to clean up your life, whether it is mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually and brought to newness. For those born under Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo, you are most affected. However where it transits in your zodiac chart will be determined by your time of birth.

At the start of the month, Mars is transiting in Leo. Full of high energy, a dramatic influence. Yet in Virgo it slows down paying better attention to detail, stopping at each check point. For those born under Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo, you are most affected. However where it transits in your zodiac chart will be determined by your time of birth.

Aries – March 21-April 20 – This month may find yourselves caught between a rock and a hard place as you scurry to finalize small details, specifically work related. In addition, financial situations may have taken their toll, but not for long as you slowly begin to move forward. Venus, the planet of love occupying your love house can heighten the intensity of a new or existing relationship. It’s up to you to balance the odds.

Taurus –April 21 – May 21- As a Taurus, security and stability along with routine, are key factors. At this particular junction in your life, career is held as a top priority. Many changes as well as challenges within the home front may also be a contributing factor. Also, a strong yet intense period for relationships as unnecessary reactions could trigger matters that need resolve.

Gemini – May 22-June 21- As your ruler Mercury moves direct on September 5, you may find yourself more at ease. A good time to focus in on fitness related activities, start a new health plan, get yourself back on track. In addition, relationships, specifically friends may be in a tizzy, Maybe time take a time out?. .

Cancer – June 22-July 23) – As with most Cancers, partnerships and family are the key as Venus travels in your home base.. A good week to take some time to focus on what it is you really want. Set your plan in motion then do it. Also matters of the heart may be interesting as well as a bit out of the box. This could be your year to finally get what you have been looking for. On the flip side, be careful when dealing with speculation of any kind. Mercury in your 5th house could trigger you to do something you normally would not do.

Leo – July 24-Aug 23 As Mercury retrogrades in your area of home, you would do well to keep a healthy distance as to avoid unnecessary setbacks. Communication may be tough, as the words do not come out as easily as you would like them to. So be aware of your own limitations. Also, a great week to focus on the home, taking care of things that have been stored away, also try your hand at something fun and creative with Venus in your 3rd house. Very therapeutic, as well as productive.

Virgo – Aug 24-Sept 23- Generally you’re an analyzer at heart, always thinking things through before reacting. However this transit with Mercury moving into retrograde could cause you to think and act of character. It’s important to remain neutral before jumping the gun. Take care when dealing with petty annoyances, specifically with regard to work matters. In addition, a strong cycle for money as Venus travels through your house of personal possessions. Could be a luck cycle, you never know until you try.

Libra –Sept 24-Oct 23- As Venus, the planet of play, takes place in your own sign, you may find yourself a lot more in control then you ever though you would be. The limelight is definitely on you. Good time to play your hand. Also Mercury turning retrograde in your money house could be intense as you find yourself feeling a bit fragile where finances are concerned. Time to buckle up and focus on getting yourself back on track.

Scorpio – Oct 24-Nov 22)- This week you may find yourself feeling challenged by many of the changes ahead, specifically speaking Mercury in retrograde taking place in your own sign until October 11, when it moves into Libra. So be careful of personal decisions that are made, keep a low profile yet do what you need to do. Also, Venus traveling through the most private sector of your chart could initiate past relationships to surface. Friendship or love, this may be an unexpected surprise.

Sagittarius – Nov 23-Dec 21)- You may suddenly feel the need to relinquish all past and negative ties as Mercury traveling through your area of thought forces you to clean house. Also, a great aspect for friends and family as Venus now in your area of social groups may bring you out into the open a bit more. A good week to let your hair down and just be.

Capricorn – Dec 22-Jan 20)- The most important thing to realize is to pay attention to work details, a good strong week for creating some much needed clarification in the work force. Also, Mercury in your area of friendships may cause some unnecessary tension with mixed signals. So be aware of what you say, and also, your actions that follow

Aquarius –Jan 21-Feb 19)- Work matters seem to be way up on your high list this week as you find yourself dealing with stressful situations that need to be put to rest. In addition, a great week to feel inspired as Venus traveling through your area of higher thought brings for your more philosophical, highly in-tuned side. A great week to travel or write, or do something kind of unusual.

Pisces – Feb 20- March 20)- As the most secretive, creative, sensitive sign of the zodiac you may find yourself feeling a bit out of sorts as Mercury in your area of though may cause you to question your own motives where friends and loved ones area concerned. Some heavy thinking this week, however not without results. Also, Venus in Libra transiting the financial sector of your chart, could be an added financial treat as it hovers in your 8th house.

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