August 2013 Horoscope

AUGUST 2013 – MONTHLY FORECAST – ( Scroll down for the weekly)

By:  Janet Amid – 925 KISS FM 

Dear Readers/Spiritual seekers

AUGUST begins on a positive note with the NEW MOON taking place in the fiery, fun loving sign of Leo. A great time to begin new projects, finish what you started or just initiate new and better habits. It’s semi-sextile to transiting MARS and JUPITER is a welcomed sight as it expresses itself in a  more constructive matter allowing many of us to be more creative through our actions.  However as it squares transiting SATURN it may trigger a temporary shakeup causing may if us to question our motives, and to feel rattled and less enthusiastic. Again, this can be a temporary transit, so do what you need to do and accomplish what you start.

As SUMMERTIME slowly comes to a close we see ourselves a bit more reflective, more in touch with our inner selves.  VENUS, the planet of frolic and fun continues its transit in the mercurial sign of Virgo sextile transiting MARS the planet of action sending messages of clarity and insight. Its transit in the emotional MOON-ruled sign of CANCER lends itself to motivation as it conjuncts transiting MARS and JUPITER. MERCURY the planet of chat, will move into the partnership sign of LIBRA on August 9,  focusing primarily on partnerships both work and personal related.  However it will also create an obstacle to transiting MARS and Pl UTO,forcing much needed changes for many of us. If not dealt with properly. this transit could be a vehicle for arguments and conflicts. Transiting JUPITER now in the MOON-ruled sign of CANCERsextile the planets in transit brings to sense of sentiment as the conjunctions create such an intense feeling of enthusiasm.

ARIES ( March 20 – April 19)- Clearly an excellent time to focus on family and friends as Jupiter Mars transit your inner foundation.  A good  strong period to focus on remodeling, doing some extensive gardening or selling property.  Also with the transiting Sun in your area of luck, this is your week to shine. Take a chance, you may get lucky!

TAURUS ( April 20- May 19)- Though you are a creature of habit, you may be in store for some minor positive changes ahead as situations through work begin to slowly change. Also, this can be an insightful financial time as well as you begin to have a healthier relationship with your money. Slowly but surely, you will begin to see your luck slowly starting to change. In addition, with the transiting influence in trine to your own sign, you may begin to feel a bit more energetic.

GEMINI ( May 22-June 21)-  You may find yourself a bit more assertive, as well as goal oriented, as the transiting Sun in harmony to transiting Jupiter and Mars accents you.  Take a positive approach while pacing yourself considerably. Also, be very aware when dealing with legal matters of any kind. Don’t take unnecessary risks until after September 10.

CANCER ( June 22-July 23)- Lessons have been learned, and hopefully harvested.  At this time as  Uranus and Pluto at odds with your own sign has you going into so many directions, Jupiter and Mars transiting in your own sign seems to deflect. Remember that the planets are always moving and forming new angles. Therefore, not only can you benefit from the aspects, you can also use the energies to help others.  This month influences may cause you to take charge of whatever comes your way. An ideal time to work through any given opportunities as you see fit.

LEO ( July 24-AUG 23)- This month is a time to clean house. Letting go of negative influences, patterns and people that have remained stagnant throughout the years will only enhance the outcome of your relationships.  A good strong cycle for intuition and in trospection. Love matters should be at their peak. Speculation and gain are very well indicated.

VIRGO ( AUG 24-Sept 23)- Though luck is very much on your side, current aspects remind you that destiny is a matter of choice not chance. This month planets may prompt you to make necessary changes within the work place. A good time to initiate or seek out a possible move. Also be conscious of the intentions of others.  In addition with Venus, the planet of love moving into Libra, you may see yourself less inclined to fixate and more inclined for romance.

LIBRA ( Sept 24-Oct 23)- Though your goal is always to seek fairness and balance, the time has come to be more aggressive where your social and professional ambitions are concerned, specifically speaking while Mars and Jupiter hover over the zenith part of your chart. Current aspects urge you to spring forth when opportunity beckons. In addition, with transiting Saturn in favor to your own sign, you may feel compelled to take stock of every given direction specifically where money is concerned.  Very intense yet favorable transit.

SCORPIO ( Oct 24-Nov 22)- There comes  a time in everyone’s life when the greatest gift we can give ourselves is time to seek out. During this period you may find yourself becoming more introspective and less scattered as Jupiter and mars occur in your area of thought. Focus for the next few weeks or so is on allowing yourself space. In addition, work matters may be pressing as Saturn in your own sign brings discipline, while Pluto in Capricorn, creates a power surge allowing you to do it all on.

SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 23- DEC 21)- It would be in your best interest to plan ahead when dealing with financial matters. If need be, seek the advice of an expert. During this month, as planets occupy your area of home and security, you may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. The most important lesson to learn is that of patience. The last few years have been trying yet inspirational.

CAPRICORN ( DEC 22-Jan 20)- Partnerships, business or personal are accented this month, time to spring into action. . A very strong time for commitments whether it relates to love or money.  In addition, legal matters should be favorable and without doubt. However, don’t be hasty  when dealing with business related matters. Be careful of  plunging into unsafe waters.

AQUARIUS -( Jan 21-Feb 19)- Romance should be favorable, specifically towards the middle of the month ,when Venus enters fun, chatty, social Libra  Also, career opportunity is there for the asking as your ruler Uranus has your back. Health and fitness may be become one with you as mars and Jupiter travel through your area of habits. Good time to take action.

PISCES – ( Feb 20- March 20_ Focus for the next few weeks or so is on the home front. Though you crave solitude, this can be a very good time for  interaction. In addition, though you tend to be rather reserved, this period allows you to express your creativity a bit more. Also your money house shows promise this month.

Astrological tips: Dieting anyone? Best days August, 1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22

New MOON on August 6, 2013 . The New Moon in Leo occurs when the Sun and Moon conjoin, linking their energies in a new lunar cycle and offering an opportunity for beginning a new phase in our lives. The New Moon in Leo is the perfect time to create a vision for personal evolution and transformation.  Signs affected in a positive way, Sag, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aries, Aquarius. Much depends on what is happening in our own charts. Leo is the sign that inspires us to express ourselves creatively and to celebrate our own unique individuality.  Under the influence of Leo we are more focused on ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily are more self-centered.  The Self needs to be expressed under the influence of Leo, and Leo inspires us to make sure that the Self being expressed is our very best Self indeed.  There is a focus on the Individual in Leo rather than the collective, so this New Moon is all about Me and You.

New Moon in Leo – Tuesday August 6, 2013

Aries  – You are in the groove this week as speculation is in the cards for you. Also a great week to take advantage of your own creative style. In addition matters of the heart may be in a flux, it’s up to you to set things straight

Taurus –  This weeks New Moon highlights home, a great week to just sit back and nest in your own comfort. You may be surprised at your desire to clean house, have a garage sale, or just purge. Also, the need to focus on your own sense of security is well indicated

Gemini  – Your self expression is magnified this week as the New moon as well as the transiting Sun highlight your area of communication. Strong sentiments towards family and neighbors this week. In addition you may also find that you have a strong desire to get away, maybe get some therapeutic traveling in.

Cancer – As a Cancer your emotions are clearly attached to your personal possessions and money, as this weeks new moon accents the New Moon sector of your chart.  A good time to start fresh by using good old common sense when dealing with money matters

Leo- As the New moon takes place in your own sign, the limelight is on you. This can be the start of a fresh new week for you as your desire is to self improve is well in the stars.  Also love can be interesting with plenty of surprises in store

Virgo  – Time to clear out any sort of past and negative patterns as the New Moon occupies your area of thought. Focus on where you are at this junction in your life then go for it.  Plan and work smoothly to bring your dreams in to fruition

Libra – You may find that your desire to be with family and friends is intensified this week as the New Moon accents your area of friends and colleagues, a time to entertain and socialize. In addition, this can be a good time to focus on goals and ambitions

Scorpio – During this weeks New Moon time to place your best foot ahead of the game plan..let others see what you are really all about…a good cycle for recognition. Though balance is the’s also important to keep yourself open to new opportunities that may fall in to place specifically speaking work and career gain

Sagittarius  – You may see yourself a bit more introspective than usual as the New Moon occupies your area of higher thinking. A good time to plan a vacation, or even focus on educational pursuits. Have some fun, do what comes naturally,  live out of the box.

Capricorn  – Time to buckle down when it comes to money matters, investments or otherwise. A strong, yet very lucrative period for you if you follow your path. Also, a great week to get your personal priorities in order. In addition, you may find that your perspective on relationships may shift a bit, as you see situations in a more clearer light.

Aquarius – Your relationships, both work and personal are the key focus this week, it’s time to get yourself out of yourself and see where your patterns are at.. Also, pay attention to anything legal,  keep yourself in check. Life can turn on a dime.

Pisces – This week where you feel the most in control body, mind and spirit wise. A good strong cycle for you as your desire to really buckle down with health becomes more important than ever.


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