Monday, September 28, 2020

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Janet Amid

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows. Welcome August!
St. Francis of Assisi

New Moon in Aries – August 2 – The New Moon in the vivacious, fiery sign of Leo brings to our attention a burst of creativity, along with a unique vibrancy of its own. During the time of the New Moon we set aside a new intention, the theme and are attention is drawn to unconditional love, self expression and individual style. For those born under, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra and Aries, this can be your time to rejoice in the magic that this New Moon brings. For others, based on your time of birth, the New Moon will settle in. You may find yourself asking the question, “What stirs your heart? What are you attracting in your life? As the Sun and Moon conjunct we find ourselves wanting to share. To bring forth.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – August 18 – Represents a culmination, a time when emotions are full. Our senses/emotions spill over the top and we feel a strong urge to receive from those that offer us support. In addition we also feel a sudden need to create much needed closure. This particular eclipse will be exceptionally charged as the Aquarius vibration embraces not only ourselves but the world. It’s also about liberation. About extending ourselves. Giving. Those born under the sign of Aquarius will no doubt feel its intensity.

Mercury Retrograde – August 30, 2016 – September 22- Mercury, the planet of chat, is associated with communication, information received and delivered, how we interact with others, schedules. Any form of communication. When Mercury is in retrograde there is a greater tendency for issues to develop in these areas collectively or personally in our lives. Because of its occurrence in its ruling sign of Virgo we may be more prone to confusion as the retrograde in Virgo may cause us to be more critical, less likely to tolerate, and more easily flustered. Those born under Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini are most affected, however based on time of birth will determine where it falls in your chart.

Mars in Sagittarius – until September 27 – the planet of action now in the most expansive sign. Ruled by Fire, and ruled by the planet Jupiter, considered the ‘greater benefic,’ and the bringer of luck and far-reaching actions, thus Sagittarius is very lucky. The downside of Sagittarius is restlessness, and over expansiveness to the point of blowing things out of proportion, and impulsivity . Feelings, emotions and ways of approaching situations can expand in either negative or positive directions.

So when dealing with matters relating to education, travel, foreign people, places and things, education, medical and legal matters as well as general outlook on life Mars in Sagittarius will no doubt get the job done..Those born under fire signs, Sagittarius, Leo will feel the spark. However much depends on where it falls in everyone’s chart.

Venus in Virgo – August 6- Aug 30– What can we expect when the planet of love moves into the sign of the Virgin? This sign’s association is with the earth, well grounded,real and material. And while the Virgo sensuality is subtle, it’s there all right.

Venus is full of grand and dramatic gestures in Leo and enchantingly beautiful and romantic in Libra. But how does she fare in Virgo, the sign of her fall? We say a planet is in its fall because it is unable to express itself fully in that particular sign. Since its expression is restricted, it becomes less colorful. However it is also the sign of the healer. When Venus is traveling through Virgo, we may find ourselves more into our health & nutrition. Also, we may try our hand at culinary delights, as Venus in Virgo serves us well in the arena. Those born under Virgo will feel its influence, while Pisces will experience it through partnerships. Those born under Sagittarius and Gemini will observe it through work related matters. Others may understand the influence where it falls into their own charts based on time of birth.


ARIES – ( March 20- April 19)- Health and taking full responsibility of yourself is the focus this month, as well as your urgency to get back into shape. It’s all about doing something physically constructive. Taking back control. Jupiter and transiting Venus in your health house area offers inspiration. Mars, your ruler in Sagittarius challenges you!

TAURUS – ( April 20- May 20)-Relationships, specifically matters of the heart may have a tendency to overwhelm you this week. Too much sentiment? Or too much intensity? Set limits if you must, but also pay attention to your own behavior. Also, your financial situation may ease up considerably within the next few weeks as your confidence level increases.

GEMINI ( May 21- June 20) – For the next few weeks or so, importance is placed on work, home and partners. Doing what you do best adds life and purpose to every given situation.. In the past few months your tendency to do it all may have caused you to feel overwhelmed, and totally exasperated. So now just take a deep breathe and just allow nature to take its course. Challenging? Yes. But worth it in the end.

CANCER -( June 21 – July 20)- The framework of your life at this time seems to be on how you see yourself as well as how others may perceive you. Take this time to focus on your given priorities, while trying not to jump into deep waters. As Jupiter continues to be in good balance to your Sun sign, you may discover yourself to be more at ease.

LEO –( July 22 – Aug 22)- In the past, so much of your life depended on what you gave to others. This is clearly a time to focus on yourself. Changes are a definite, but much for the better. However, be extra careful of spending habits as Jupiter and Venus in your money house could plunge you into unsafe waters.

VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22)-It has been said that the secret of life is consistency, and you for one are always constant. However, major planetary influences in your life, specifically Jupiter and transiting Venus in your own sign clearly signifies that one chapter in your life has now closed, now it’s on to the next chapter. Relationships, business and personal, during this time, may go through a major transition. It’s up to you to either clear the path, or make your desire known.

LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22)- A twelfth house transiting Jupiter and Venus clearly allows you to purge. Reinvention and clearing your mind to make room for what lies ahead. Seeking resolution is your focus. Also, it’s important to be aware of health related matters. In addition, changes in your personal house may finally allow you to get what you were looking for.

SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21)- Approach business matters with confidence this week, place your best foot forward, and make the best of what is being given to you. You should be in fine form and ready to meet any of the challenges ahead. However, your area of friendships may go through a turning point, although the end result is always favorable..

SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- DEC 20) This is a tough cycle for all of you optimistic Sag’s as you’re being aspect from three different angles, mainly Jupiter your ruler now transiting in Virgo. Your area of work may undergo a change, as you see yourself pulling away from your present position. Also, your love life may shift a bit, as your tolerance level goes uncharted. In addition, as always watch your money. This is not the time to be overly generous.

CAPRICORN -( DEC 21- Jan 19) A mixture of challenging yet interesting aspects are transiting your natal Suns specifically speaking Jupiter in Virgo. As it provides you the wherewithal to make changes you wouldn’t necessarily make, it also increases your sense of urgency. Also, your money cycle may undergo a shift as you find yourself pulling from different resources. Your relationships may feel a bit threat sensitive, therefore you may find yourself letting go of obstacles that have barricaded your path.

AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)-Relationships, specifically love related may have the tendency to overwhelm you this week.. Pay special attention to what others may be telling you. Focus on what really matters. This can and will be a prosperous week for all concerned as Jupiter in your money house can courage good results. A strong yet fruitful stage in your life is about to begin.

PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 )- For many of you, this is a much need time for introspection, although Jupiter in your area of partnerships leaves little room, This period will definitely force you out of your cocoon. Use this time to work on your creativity, focus on taking a better look at yourself and your partnerships. Use this time to your advantage.

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