veterans day senior citizens


More than 15 WWII and Korean War Veterans or their spouses from Spring Hills Cherry Hill Assisted Living, in New Jersey, received a Veteran’s Medal before Veteran’s Day. These men and women received the Camden County Military Service Medal or the Korean War Service Medal. In addition to the medal presentation.  The ceremony included a WWII Veteran and resident reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Taps was played “live”, on the trumpet, and the singing of God Bless America. After the ceremony, there was a reception with a light lunch.


The Honored Veterans:

  • Carl Hansen: Air Force, Korean War
  • Herbert Braker: Army Medic Corporal, WWII
  • Donald Edwards: Air Force Staff Srgt., Korean War
  • Andrew Olesky: Air Force Airman 1st Class, Korean War
  • Norman Hyman: US Navy Seaman 1st Class, WWII
  • Francis Maiuri: Navy Seaman 1st Class, WWII
  • Jerry DiRe: Army Engineers 61st, Korean War
  • Charles Danenberg: Army Corporal, Korean War
  • Dewitt Hobbs: Army, WWII
  • Marvin Fine: Army Corporal, WWII *wife Taube will receive medal
  • Stanley Mitnik: Navy 2nd Class, WWII
  • Joseph Gnapp: Army Parrot Trooper, WWII
  • Joseph Weiswasser: Coast Guard, WWII
  • Frank Basara: Korean War *wife Fannie will receive medal
  • Chester Blum: Army *wife Lynn will receive medal
  • William Proia: Army *wife Geri will receive medal
  • Samuel Mickey Braverman: Army *wife Claire will receive medal
  • Larry Lesiger

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