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November Forecast –

November 2017

If you are really thankful, what do you do? You Share. W.Clement Stone


The Sun will remain in Scorpio until Nov 22 – As the Sun continues to transit the sign of Scorpio conjunct transiting Saturn, you may feel a bit more restricted as you scurry to keep yourself together and in sync. As it moves into the more independent, fun- Jupiter ruled-sign of Sagittarius there is a sense of ease that occurs. Those born under Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will feel this influence. Although where ever Venus is taking place in your birth chart will be of influence as well.


Venus in Scorpio November 7, 2017 through November 30 – As Venus the planet of love moves in to the intense sign of Scorpio, relationships may be passionate, the expression of love somewhat intense, maybe even more mystical. Lots of kissing, but not enough telling. The need for higher expectations from our partners play itself out, yet we seek deeper into our own needs at the same time. This is a period in which our desires reach a magnitude of expression. Feelings beyond comprehension. Also, a good time in which we buckle down with our finances. Though the holiday season is around the corner, it’s still important to be diligent when dealing with finances whether personal or work related.

As Venus moves into Sagittarius on December 1, a lightness will occur, personal growth, spontaneous, fun, expect the unexpected. Live life to the fullest, fall in love with a long time love interest, see yourself living out of the box. Those born under Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will feel this influence. Although where ever Venus is taking place in your birth chart will be of influence as well.


Full moon in Taurus Nov 4 – The Full Moon in Taurus brings the Scorpio – Taurus polarities to the surface. Taurus builds, Scorpio tears it down and rebuilds. The Full Moon in Taurus is about grounding, allowing us to align ourselves with our earthly forces, bringing to light our center core, what really matters, and what really counts. The opposition of the Sun and Moon are merely energies that force us to look at life from a totally different perspective. Those born under Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn will feel the intensity of this Full Moon. However much of this influence will intensify as it is aspected in our own birth charts.


New Moon in Scorpio on November 18. – Breaking down the old barriers, unearthing what needs to show itself. This particular New Moon brings positive intentions our way if dealt with properly.. It’s an opportunity to move forward with ourselves, to create and seek out wisdom in any form. It’s a period in which we reach for higher awareness. It’s also a freedom seeking period in which we test our limits.
Jupiter the planet of luck conjunct the New can be prosperous in a mystical sort of way, Moreover issues with economy? Those born under Sagittarius, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces will benefit greatly. However wherever the New Moon is taking place in your chart is where the energy is the strongest.

Thanksgiving Day – The Moon is Void-Of Course until 3:14 PM. So for many of us we may feel a bit out of sorts as we struggle to get ourselves up and running in order to give thanks on this festive holiday.


Aries – ( March 21-April 20) – The Ram – Symbol Fire – As with most Aries, you may find yourself having a preoccupation with finances this month, the Full Moon in Taurus along with planet influences in Scorpio. This could trigger your security being a bit out of sorts. However much can be said about perception. Clearly, with Venus , Jupiter and the Sun transiting the financial sector of your chart, you have nothing to worry about. So it’s really more about perception and making sure to be clear before signing on the dotted line.

Taurus – ( April 21-May 21) – The Bull – Earth Symbol – As with most Taureans, you are very much a creature of habit. Your greatest fear is to lose what you have, as personal possession’s, friendships, partnerships are key. You take things very much to heart and feel most things with an intense veracity of emotion. And the Full Moon in your own sign may even intensify matters even more. It’s all about keeping yourself in check. Also as many of the planets take place in your area of partners, you may find yourself stepping out of box, possibly through socializing, as well as paying more attention to what is taking place in front of you.

Gemini – May 22- June 21) – The Twins – Symbol Air – As communication is your key, humor being number on your dance card, you may feel slightly more intense than usual. Your seriousness is played off through work and responsibilities that you were unaware of. as well as this months Full Moon occupying that private area of your chart, your subconscious. Also paying better attention health signals can be very much in your favor. Just staying on top of things counts.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 23) – The Crab – Symbol Water – Clearly as with most Cancer’s it’s always about home and family, and at this time friends as this month Full Moon hits your social calendar. However in addition, at this time you may find yourself becoming more involved with doing more for yourself. Feeling more creative, taking more stock in recreation, travel, writing or seeking out new ways to help yourself grow and stay motivated. In addition, your intuition is off the charts as your instincts are really kicking in. Money wise, there is always a concern, however this may be your month to cash in.

Leo – (July 24- August 23) – The Lion – Symbol Fire – At this time with Jupiter, the Sun, and Venus at odds with your own sign, you may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, you’re in a great position as Jupiter brings luck and gain, however transiting n Scorpio may force you to set some limits. This relates to your approach to personal relationships as well as career aspects. It’s all up to you to how you handle the energies at hand. As with anything else, more is always good, but sometimes you need to settle for less. Moreover with the Full Moon in your area of home, with everything else going on, you may just want to nest. It’s a toss up.

Virgo – (August 24- September 23)- The Virgin – Symbol Earth – Sweet, sensitive, analytical Virgo. This may be your lucky month to get most of what you need, as well as what you may want. Also, a great period for career aspirations as well as personal relationships. You may find yourself feeling a sense of high as the planets in transit highlight you in most areas of your life, specifically the Full highlighting your area of deep thought. You may feel inspired.. Changes are imminent but it is up to you to get your engine going.

Libra – ( September 24- October 23)- The Scales – Symbol Air – As Venus, Jupiter and the Syn travel through the financial sector of your chart, and the Full Moon occupies your area of real estate and banking, money matters seem to be on top of your list. However your concern is based on your need to protect what is yours, as well as a desire to always keep yourself in sync, so this particular aspect can be favorable as it brings to light a sense of security. In addition, long-term friendships new acquaintances create a strong alliance whether business or personal related. A great month to seek out new goals.

Scorpio -( October 24-November 22) – The Scorpio – Symbol Water – Jupiter, and Venus conjunct your Sun sign may force you to make some decisions regarding work as you may find yourself between doing what you want to do versus doing what you should do. The Full Moon in opposition of the planets in transit may create uncertainty as your desire to maintain what you are comfortable with is at odds with the knowledge that you can make changes, and try something new by stepping out a bit.. Also significant period for opportunity to come knocking. Make sure to open the door.

Sagittarius ( November 23- December 22) – The Archer – I Symbol – Fire – As friendly Jupiter,along with Venus and the Sun aspect you, you may find yourself coming out of a deep sleep, as they travel thru that sacred part of your chart, your inner psyche. This can and will be an opportune period for you, as not only will you begin to focus on your health as the Full Moon travels through your 6th, but you will allow yourself to be transformed. . A great cycle for creating and manifesting! In addition, Also this transit may bring relationships in from the past. An Interesting month for the unexpected.

Capricorn – ( December 23 – January 20 ) – The Goat – Symbol – Earth- A great month for friendships, whether new, existing or merely work related alliances. This is your period where your dance card is full but yet your desire to engage is well indicated. Also with regard to money, you would do well to seek the advice of an expert or merely brush up on some fine, financial details. Very favorable month for your keen instincts to kick in. .This months Full Moon in Taurus may get things moving in the right direction as your emotions are in sync.

Aquarius – ( January 21- February 19) – Water Bearer – Symbol – Air – With Jupiter, Venus and the transiting Sun hovering over the zenith part of your chart, your career, recognition is yours for the asking. It is all about you, showcasing your abilities. Take it in stride and let this transit work for you. Also, matters relating to home can be chaotic, but not without favorable results. as the Full Moon settles in your nesting place. Patience really can be a virtue.

Pisces – ( February 20- March 20)- Fish traveling in Opposite directions – Symbol – Water – Your instincts are at their peak this month with the planets, more so with the Full Moon in balance to your Sun, also planets favorably transiting in your area of higher aspirations this may be your month or do some unexpected traveling, or merely get yourself inspired. Also, health cautions with regard to undo stress, so focus on health as weight gain or weight loss can be an issue for the next few weeks or so. Pay attention

Astrological Tips: Great month for entertaining, specifically November 23, Thanksgiving, as we give thanks.. Also, a good cycle for creating closure with those need it most. Money can be prosperous is handled well.


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